Joe Elliot


Joe Elliot – MMA Fitness Instructor

Joe Elliot

Thank you for your interest in my passion, MMA! My name is Joe Elliot and I have two studios where we train in the amazing art of MMA. MMA consists of many different styles, including boxing, grappling, jujitsu and many others! MMA can be considered a form of self defence, cardio or pure fun!

Just to give you an idea of the types of athletes my gym has produced please feel free to look up James Clarke Pro BTC Flyweight Champion, Braiden Patton Amateur Cage Wars Lightweight Champion or Justin Condie Undefeated Lightweight Pro just to name a few!

I am always available on Instagram  to answer questions about a class you have taken or if you would like to see us cover a technique that I might not have explored via video yet. Anyone is welcome to reach out to tell us how much they are enjoying MMA as well! 

My gyms are always welcoming new athletes and we also offer private lessons! Reach out to me with any inquiries and I will do my very best to accommodate!

 Our Instagram  is #alldaypersonalfitness 

Thank you once again for your interest in Media Studio 15 and All Day Personal Fitness! 

Be safe!


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