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Marc Ekins has been a professional fulltime singer, songwriter and musician for over 25 years. His passion for music started in theatre where he played many lead roles in local and high school productions. After high school he was accepted into the Sheridan College Music Theatre Program where he realized that the theatre was just a steppingstone to what he really wanted to be, a performing solo artist.
To produce his first album, he worked on Royal Carribeans Monarch of the Seas cruise ship where he honed his performing skills and saved up the recording costs. He released his album in 1999 and starting touring to raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics. As a coach and friend of Special Olympics it was a cause close to his heart. With several songs charting on Country radio he continued to tour and open for Canadian artists such as Great Big Sea, Emerson Drive and The Roadhammers to name a few. He recorded 3 more albums.

In 2007 it was time for a break from the touring and Marc and his family moved to Alberta for a change of pace. He started teaching music in the schools as an outside contractor. He also started using music lessons to help children with learning disabilities and mental health issues. During this time, he began teaching himself to play piano, harmonica, fiddle, mandolin and any other instruments he could find. After three years he felt the pull of performing again and headed back to Ontario to reinvent himself.
He called his good friend and drummer Neil Lafortune, who is also an instructor at Media Studio 15.

Check out his amazing drumming course. Together they collaborated and created a duet called Sticks and Tones, exploring different styles and genres to create a full sound that has excited audiences everywhere they go. Sticks n Tones released the album “Doin’ Alright” in late 2018.
Marc is excited to return to teaching through this web series and once again help young artist to reach their musical goals.

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