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Intermediate Guitar Course with Marc Novoselec

Learn guitar concepts from our professional veteran musician Marc Novoselec.

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Absolute Beginner’s Bass Guitar with Marc Novoselec

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Absolute Beginner’s Ukulele Course with Marc Novoselec

Learn Ukulele concepts from our professional veteran musician Marc Novoselec.

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Marc Novoselec

Marc Novoselec has been working professionally in the music industry since 1995, as a performer, music instructor, recording engineer, songwriter, DJ and newly minted YouTuber.
Marc began teaching music in high school, showing some of the neighbourhood kids how to play guitar and bass; a make-shift teaching studio in his parent’s basement soon turned into a bit of a hub for local kids to come and learn to jam and before long, some of their parents joined up and Marc had a roster of 5 regular students. A passion was beginning to take root!
In 1991, Marc graduated from The Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, in London, Ontario, Canada. Here, the hands-on study of audio recording, electronics, acoustics and music ignited what was to be a life-long passion and creative pursuit which has now seen Marc teaching for the past 25 years and having released three albums of original music.
Online, the music industry has been revolutionized- for Marc specifically, it has allowed him to collaborate with musicians all across Canada, USA and Europe; Marc’s original music has been recognized by producers in many genres and has placements in radio and online ads, film trailers and video games.
As a recording engineer and session musician Marc has worked closely with some of Canada’s finest established and up-and-coming artists, he has his “sonic fingerprints” on many albums ranging from classical to jazz, punk, funk and blues.
In a private lesson format, Marc draws upon his years working in all facets of the music industry to create an informative, fun and very personalized learning experience for all of his students.
Whether the student wishes to become the next campfire superstar or has aspirations of stardom or post secondary music education, Marc always makes sure that every student has the skills they need!
Here are some links and other projects.
Music Lesson Instructor- Guitar, bass, ukulele, theory, songwriting workshops, music production, well versed in all styles from classical to heavy metal. In person and online lessons via Zoom.
Songwriter- 3 albums of original work, online collaborator, session player.
Groove Authority- Bassist in a six piece R&B/funk and blues band.
The Ring Fingers- acoustic duo with partner, Stacy Anderson.
YouTube- resoundmusicchannel, music and technology tutorials, songwriting inspirations,
original music streams.
Instagram- @marcnovoselecmusic. Host of a monthly show called “Inside The Song”
Facebook- “Re:sound” A cross-posting page with YouTube and Instagram. Marc also moderates/adminitrates 3 other groups for music recording peer review, band pages and food photography.

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