Rosely JL


Rosely JL – Ballet & Fitness Instructor

In Class With Rosely

Rosely Jimenez

Hi everyone and thank you for your interest in my Ballet classes!

My name is Rose and I will be your Ballet Instructor! I am very proud to share that I have graduated from the National School of Ballet of Cuba where I was born and raised.  The last number of years I was an instructor in China where I attended the National Ballet school of China. I am excited to offer Kids, Adult and Ballet Fitness. Coming soon: women’s Salsa.

Ballet and Salsa are an incredible fitness workout.

Like all our other instructors we encourage you to reach out via Instagram with any questions or if you would like to see me teach something that I have not already covered we always like to hear the progress!

Reach out  via Instagram at ro_dancer and I will do my very best to respond as quickly as possible!

  Thank You once again and I look forward to seeing you in my classes!


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